9.05″ Bajradhara Shakti with 3.74lbs – Handmade piece from Nepal


Material: Copper

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Bajradhara iscognate deities in Tibetan Buddhist with different names, attributes, appearances and iconograhy. It is Buddhas, that is primordial Buddhas, Bajradhara is often adorned and bears attributes, which is generally depicted in unity with their respective consorts and is primordial buddhas. Bajradhara is an emanation of adibuddha, considered by some to be the highest deity in vajrasana Buddhism. He is the tantric form of Shakyamuni and his name means the bearer of the thunderbolt. He is an expression of Buddhahood itself in both single and yabyum form. It is aforesaid that Shakyamuni Buddha took the shape of Vajradhara whereas he was teaching the Tantric path to his talented disciples.

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