10.23″ Mahakala (Mahankal) – Guardian of Buddhism


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This is the statue of Mahakala (Mahankal). Lord Mahankal is also considered as a form of Lord Shiva. Mahankal is believed to the controller of time and one who can save from bad times in the life of the people. When people are having troubles and bad times in their lives, they usually perform puja here. The main pair of hands are placed at the heart holding in the right a curved knife and a blood-filled white skullcup on the left. In the second pair, the right upraised holds a vajra handled sword. The left held to the side holds a katana staff with a trident tip. Adorned with a crown of five white skulls. earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and the like, the lower body is wrapped in a tiger skin skirt with the right leg pendant and the left drawn up. A top of multicolored lotus blossom, he sits completely surrounded by a ring of red flames-the the fires of pristine awareness.

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