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About Mudra

Mudra means gestures made by celestial beings and high ordered saints using their hands, legs and entire body. In Mudra Semi Antique Craft House, we, the team of handicraft traders, bring together a delightful collection of pure products from traditional skills thousands of years old handed down from generation to the next. Any piece of the semi-antique collection we have, big or small, are produced from those blessed hands of the Himalayas using fine tools developed and mastered by the craftsmen themselves over the period of two decades. We collect the best Tibetan Buddhist statues of silver, copper, stone, crystal, and wood produced by the finest craftsmen in the households of Patan. Our specialty is the antique finishing of these statues that guarantees you the excellent quality to match your desire.

Mudra House

Mudra House is your one-stop-shop for Nepalese art and crafts, providing you with authentic and genuine products all over the world physically located in Thamel, a tourist destination of Nepal. We provide a variety of different handmade crafts and antique wooden items from Nepal. We have been selling varieties of crafts all over the world. We strive to provide our customers with authentic and high-quality handmade handicrafts so that we can preserve and share this ancient form of art with all the spiritual followers and art lovers all over the world.

Mudra House provides the finest selection of handmade art and crafts from Nepal that will enliven your living room, lounge rooms. It continually strives to offer the best antique crafts at the best value. We also work tirelessly to meet the high customer service standards of the entire world and it is our goal to contribute as much as we can to the advancement and preservation of this sacred art.
We trade in wholesale and accept all credit cards. We also have our own shipping office.

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